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Top 10 Most Popular Board Games To Play

Its weekend and you are bored of partying and grooming. Looking for something new that leaves you spellbound and make your holiday fun filling; then call your friends and ask them to come to your place.

This article on top ten most popular board games will surely help you in making your weekends crazy. Board games are always there for entertainment, they are refreshing, chilling and requires small amount of your mind effort. Some of them find their roots in human civilization since sixth century, while some are founded recently. However, one thing is guaranteed that every game has its unique identity and you will never get bored of them.

In addition, board games give a nostalgic feeling in this era of video and e-games. Some of these games have managed to become so popular that they are translated into video games version.  One cannot decide which game is best or popular; however, based on their selling we are listing you the ten most popular games.

10 Most Popular Board Games

1. Chess

Most Popular Board Games

 It is an Indian game but has not gain its name in almost every country because of the excitement it gives to a player. It is said that it has founded its root in India in the sixth century and royalists were very fond of it. However, the modern game was originated around the year 1200. It is also known as “Royal Game” because of its royal connection. At a time two players can play this game and it is played with sixteen different types of pieces where each move differently. The objective behind this game is to make captive the opponent’s king. However, draw games are common results in this game.

2. Draughts

Most Popular Board Games

 Draughts are also called checkers. This game is around since 3000 B.C. it was noticed by the likes of Homer and Plato. It is for two players and the playing way is quite different. In addition, the game has several variations depending upon the place and the country. However, the basic is almost same. In this, players have to move diagonally with the aim of capturing the opponent’s tokens by jumping over them. The most popular version of this game among all is American checkers, also called, English draughts and is played on an eight by eight board.

3. Backgammon

Most Popular Board Games


 This game has been around since 3000 B.C. backgammon is a great example of strategy and probability with a number of tactics involved. The pair of dices determines the number of spaces. Also, the pieces must be moved accordingly to anticipate the opponent’s move.

4. Scrabble

Most Popular Board Games

 The game was introduced by Alfred Mosher Butts in 1938 and was published by James Brunot. Scrabble is commonly known as word forming game where players place their pieces containing a letter across the board. Players can use official scrabble player’s dictionary or any other one to avoid confusion about the existence of the form formed during game.

5. Monopoly

Most Popular Board Games

 The game came into existence in 1934 by Parker Brothers; however, some believe that Elizabeth Phillips introduced it in 1903 under the name of The Landlord’s Game. In Asian countries, especially in India it is known as Business.  In this game, the player’s objective must be to buy as much property as he/she can available on the board. In addition, to get rent from the opponent who land up on their property. Those who get bankrupt are declared the looser.

6. Clue

Most Popular Board Games

 This game can also interest those who like detective things and have deductive skills. Invented by Anthony E. Pratt in 1949 and published by Waddingtons in Leeds in England made it very popular since then. Now, Hasbro owns it and the game has still manages to keep the essence alive. Players try to trace the identity and the weapon used in the murder of Mr. Boddy or Dr. Black in this game.

7. Othello

Most Popular Board Games

No no no…do not take it wrong. This game has nothing to do with the Shakespeare’s novel, Othello. However, it requires the same level of planning, strategy, tactics and a keen observation like Othello. The game has been since 1883 and known as Reversi in some places. In Othello, the players try to have the tokens of the opposite party to get their color.

8. Trivial Pursuit

Most Popular Board Games

 Two Canadian journalists invented trivial pursuit in 1979 when they were planning to play scrabble but they have to drop that plan because of the missing pieces. So, with the help of two other persons; John Haney and Ed Werner, they made this game. In 1984, the game set record of selling twenty million copies. It has released several copies since then and has designed some special sets for movies like; Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. In 2008, Hasbro bought the rights of the game for eighty million dollars.

9. Pictionary

Most Popular Board Games

 Invented in 1985 by Gary Everson and designed by Gary Everson, Pictionary is also a word-game like scrabble. However, way different from it. In this game, players have to guess a particular word or a phrase drawn by the opponents. It involves a lot of wordplay and vocabulary. The game was first published by Western publishing and then bought by Hasbro in 1994.

10. Risk

Most Popular Board Games

These modern day video games, Age of Empires and Age of Kings are the new version of the board game, risk. The game was invented by Albert Lamorisse, a French movie director in 1957. Risk is played on a board where the planet is divided into forty-two territories in six continents and the players have to acquire the land as many as they can. A dice roll does the occupation mission and it demands a lot of strategy and planning. Whoever gets the more number of territories wins the game at the end.

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